Society has taken its first steps back to a normal life

May 8, 2020
May 8, 2020 admin

The World is Changing

Covid-19 Crisis Recovery

Society has taken its first steps back to a normal life. beMatrix offers smart designs to guarantee safety in companies, hospitals, restaurants… Some stand builders already worked proactively with these designs. Thanks to beMatrix and stand builder Standplus, the Belgian restaurant De Roos is ready to welcome guests as soon as the government allows it. De Roos has placed 11 partition walls in their restaurant, 7 inside and 4 outside. The modular frames of beMatrix form a perfect basic structure for this: quick and easy to install, flexible, affordable and aesthetic. . Do you need a similar solution like this? 👉 Discover the smart designs: 👉 Contact beMatrix, we’re happy to help you: hashtagsocialdistancing hashtagbeSafe hashtagbeInspired hashtagbeMatrix


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