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Branding Production


With over 5 years of proven experience in producing high-quality branding products for events and companies alike, Kilograms brings forth an unmatched sense of commitment to your door. With our repertoire of events, big and small, we can now cater to all your needs, you just need to say the word.

Exhibit Solutions


Whether you want to rent a booth or make one that surpasses all expectations, rest assured you will be getting it from us. Kilograms has slowly become the leading show site services destination for Jordan and the Middle East’s biggest events. Our approach will transform your exhibiting experience by keeping your goals in mind at all times, and more importantly sticking to your budget. You can sit back and relax now, from electrical installment and fittings, to transporting your materials on time, down to the last bolt in your exhibition space, Kilograms promises nothing short of a perfectly smooth journey to the success of your event.

Event & Experience Design and Production


If you are looking for a turn-key solution for your upcoming event, look no further. We can build, install, and dismantle all types of setups, stages and full-on experiences – whether it’s a conference you are organizing or a major exhibition or event, we promise to deliver a unique experience to you and your attendees.

Creating an experience for our clients isn’t simply about the space, but rather it is about leaving a lasting impression in your attendees long after the event has concluded. With our wide network of suppliers providing various technical services, and some of our own remarkable wireless AV equipment, custom-made furniture, and a wide variety of ready-made conference  solutions, we are ready to set the bar extremely high!

A Unique Experience

We know that our clients look for results first and foremost, so instead of telling you the story, we present you with our portfolio which is the best testament to our relentless efforts in delivering nothing but the best results.

Ignite the spirit

You cannot rely on your chairs or walls to tell a story of passion, but rather you should rely on what your identity has to offer and your personal touch to ignite the spirit of your event. We fulfill our promise to you by turning your vision into beautiful, flawless reality.


Resilient in the face challenges, Kilograms thrives where others dare not go; the bigger the structure, the more likely you will find us seeing it through to actualization. Our philosophy encourages our indulgence in mega-events, why? They unleash the full potential of our highly-trained dynamic team, and it puts you at the forefront of your industry – win-win.


In welcoming each and every one of your guests, we are welcoming various worlds into our own. We celebrate variety; between your vision, our execution, and the perception of attendees, the breathtaking transformation of these basic elements creates the masterpiece that is your event.



  • Mahmoud Al Tayeb
    Mahmoud Al Tayeb Master Builder
  • Mohammad Qara’een
    Mohammad Qara’een CEO
  • Malik Habib
    Malik Habib Ground Manager


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